First summer days…

So the first days in the summer holiday are started! First of all I know I haven’t uploaded any pictures since days but there is something wrong so sorry

Then, what can I say to you…. Well I can tell you all that I had the best 2 days, right behind each other, in the first days because of my lovely boyfriend. We went to a party and then that day, in the evening, we went outside together and yesterday we also went outside together. And it was a long time ago that we have done that so it was even better :) 

I had a really good time with him, I always do actually. And the more we spend time together the more I actually hope that we can move together somewhere haha, but that’s not even possible. I just know that I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I never actually had that with somebody else before. He makes me feel really special and really good, he knows how to make me laugh. And Did I already said how sweet he is? Because he really is. The point is, I really really love this boy very much :)

And other news is that I started my summer job and everything went very well. I’m looking forward to next week because then the kids are coming and we can “play” with them. So I’m excited but I’m really tired… We had to move a lot today and heavy things most of the time. But yeah :D

With love,